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Phönix Laboratorium GmbH
D-71149 Bondorf
Benzstraße 10

Directions to Phönix Laboratorium GmbH from Stuttgart Airport by car

The company Phönix Laboratorium GmbH is located in Bondorf, a village near Stuttgart, Germany.

— exit the airport and follow the sign to A8-direction Stuttgart
— continue A8-direction Stuttgart until Kreuz Stuttgart
— from here take A81-direction Singen, Böblingen, Sindelfingen
— continue A81 and exit at Rottenburg, Bondorf
— turn right-direction Bondorf
— in Bondorf follow the signs to the industrial zone, you will find the street Benzstraße


The company was founded as Alchymistisch-Spagyrisches Laboratorium Phönix by Conrad Johann Glückselig in Stuttgart-Vaihingen in 1925.
The symbol with the snake and the letters ASLP was used as the company logo. The "A" signifies alchemy, the snake with the "S" shape symbolizes spagyrics, the "L" stands for laboratory and the "P" for PHÖNIX.
Glückselig died on the 2nd of October 1934.
After his death company operations were carried on by his widow, Luise Glückselig and his daughter, Elise Glückselig.
The political circumstances, particularly the 2nd World War, threatened the existence of the company. Under conditions that are hardly imaginable today the company stuck to the production of its remedies and was able to survive.
After Luise Glückselig, who died in 1961, the daughter Elise Glückselig carried on management from the mid-1950s. On the 1st of October 1972 the grandson, Jochen Kadau, joined the enterprise. He managed the company in the spirit of his grandfather C.J.Glückselig from 1977 to 2005. In 2000 his stepson Dr. Ekkehard Titel joined the company and from 2005 he is managing the company.
As sales increase the number of employees also increases. Today the company has 30 members and 7 seven independent distribution partners in foreign countries.

The founder: Conrad Johann Glückselig

The founder of the company, Conrad Johann Glückselig, born in Weidenberg on the 13th of July 1864, developed his independent spagyric drugs and remedies as a naturopathic practitioner and chemist. Glückselig's naturopathic knowledge, his theosophical philosophy of life and alchemical-spagyric traditions formed the theoretical basis for his work.
Studies of theosophical literature, in particular the works of Jakob Böhme (*1575 - †1624), and dialogues with other theosophists led him to spagyrics.
From 1896 on C.J. Glückselig worked as a naturopathic practitioner. At that time he primarily applied plant and so-called electro-homeopathic preparations. In therapy, however, he soon went over to spagyric recipes that he had created himself.
As his therapies were successful Conrad Johann Glückselig achieved fame as a "theosophical physician" and alchemist very soon .
In 1914 Conrad Johann Glückselig went to Stift Neuburg near Heidelberg belonging Alexander von Bernus. There von Bernus had a nearly finished laboratory for producing spagyric preparations. With Conrad Johann Glückselig's knowledge about the cultivation of medicinal plants, his laboratory know-how and his therapeutic experience the laboratory was completed.
It is interesting that Alexander von Bernus informed Dr. Rudolf Steiner (*27.02.1861 †30.03.1925) about the progress of the development and recipes for the drugs and remedies on a regular base. For Alexander von Bernus it was of great importance that Dr. Rudolf Steiner agreed to the development of the drugs and remedies. Dr. Steiner frequently stayed at Stift Neuburg and took part in the setting up of the laboratory and in the development of the drugs and remedies.
After the successful cooperation with Alexander von Bernus, Glückselig devoted himself entirely to the development of his own remedies as well as to his therapeutic work in Stuttgart-Vaihingen. He translated theosophical writings, essays and books from english into German, disseminated them and established a theosophical association in Stuttgart - the so-called "Loge No. 8" - which he headed until his death. Glückselig's ideas, which were regarded as revolutionary to some extent at his time, also caused misunderstanding among his contemporaries. For example, he was involved in the cultivation of vital vegetables, which he considered as one of the most important bases of human health. His ideas could be confirmed by the findings of nutritional and vitamin research many years later.
His therapeutic success convinced other physicians and they also used his remedies in their therapies. Due to the great demand, he founded the company in Stuttgart-Vaihingen in 1925. C.J. Glückselig called the company Alchymistisch-spagyrisches LABORATORIUM PHÖNIX. C.J. Glückselig died on the 2nd of October 1934. With its spagyric preparations the company stands for tradition and high quality. The corporate philosophy bases on the "classical" tradition of spagyrics and promotes the further development of this therapeutic approach for the future.


Phönix Laboratorium GmbH is a family owned company which produces complex homeopathic remedies and spagyric preparations. It has about 30 employees. Dr. Titel manages the company in the function of the managing director since 2007. PHÖNIX's strength lies in its well educated and engaged workforce, in its close contact to the markets, in its quick reaction to customers' requirements and last not least in its products based on natural sourced raw materials. The close contact to the markets is achieved by our distribution partners located in the same country. They also have committed to our mission. The preparations are produced in Bondorf in Germany, nowhere else. The company produces nearly 100 different products, 90% are classified as complex homeopathic preparations and the rest as cosmetics. As we know that that every human is an individual with his particular needs we offer a wide product range for an individual therapy. We try to keep this range even if some products are no-profit ones. We keep them because we know that perhaps some humans exist who have a special need for exactly this preparation.

The production and quality control follows strict standards. They are produced according to the Europaen Union Guidelines for GMP. All quality controls are carried out in PHÖNIX itself or in contract laboratories which also meets the international standards. During the years the company has put high interest on the quality of the raw material with the purpose to produce safe remedies. New analytical procedures are developed in order to maintain the high standard and also the high safety. Furthermore emphasis is lied on natural cultivated plants and on the use of natural raw materials only. No synthetic preservates, colorants a nd parabens are used. Never any finished product was tested on animals.
We make great efforts to meet the new safety requirements of the health authorities in Germany and other countries. By doing this on the one hand we try to keep the traditional remedy created by the founder Gl├╝ckselig and on the other hand to meet the authorities' requirements. In some cases we had to change the compositions a little bit. But at least the change did not harm the effectiveness of the product.

We offer remedies for the wholistic therapy and for the practictioner focussed on natural treatment. Also we try to combine our tradition with modern aspects of production of medicine and of therapy. A fair and friendly partnership with our customers and with the therapists is our motto. Our challenge for the future is to realize relationships to foreign countries, to find distribution partners which are fascinated by our mission, by the successes of treatments with our products, by our philosophy and by our human approach in business - to help everone, everwhere at any time.

Our mission

Every day we challenge ourselves with PHÖNIX's mission - to preserve, support and restore the natural healing abilities of the individuals. We try to help everyone, everywhere at any time. We committed to achieve this on a human, natural, safe, fair and protecting way.

  • Natural means: the use of natural raw materials and nature given productions processes, no use of artificials
  • Safe means: all safety aspects for use of our products are taking into account
  • Fair means: 1. we tell what we and our products can do, no promises which cannot be kept and 2. We deal fair with our customers, therapists, patients, distribution partners and with each other in the company
  • Human means: our way to act and handle is human
  • Protecting means: we do not harm the enviroment
  • Our aim is to create remedies and therapies which follow the motto "Health from nature's building blocks" and to offer them for the wholistic therapy.