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Phönix Laboratorium GmbH / products

We prepare remedies and care products.

  • spagyric liquids
  • homoeopathic globules, liquids, ointments and injection solution
  • cosmetic oils, liniments, ointments and creams

Our speciality is the spagyric preparation of herbs, minerals and metals which is based on old European tradition, old knowledge and our experience since 1925. This knowledge and this experience are the basis for new products for example our new care products.

PHÖNIX's therapy concepts

The longterm experience in therapy is the base for the therapy concepts of PHÖNIX. These concepts do not aim at the treatment of chronic problems only but also on vitalisation, individual well-being and individual health care. Because of these targets the PHÖNIX therapy concept are wide spread.

The concepts focus on

  • Elimination of environmental poisons (f.e. heavy metals) and of metabolic waste, activation of the detoxification organs
  • Movement, motility, joints, spine, tendon, muscles
  • circadian rhythm, individual-natural balance, well-balance, relaxation, recovering sleep
  • restorative treatment, harmonisation, recovery, strenghtening-invigoration
  • skin, mirror of soul, change of metabolism
  • quality of life, perception, participation, integration

For further information please ask your therapist and / or pharmacist in your home-country. Your therapist will develop your individual therapy

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